Is Bridge-the-Gap

Right for You?

Is there a gap between where
you are now and where
you want to be?

Would a greater sense of personal and professional empowerment be beneficial to your ministry?

Are you curious about the future and eager to explore the options?

Would you be more effective in ministry if you were able to tap into your unique inner brilliance and live into leadership with greater self awareness and confidence?

Custom-Tailored Services

Using a coaching model as the foundation for leadership development,  Rev. Sharon L. Vandegrift supports church professionals as they move along the journey from being good to being great. Recognizing that each client is unique and well equipped to know what resourcing would be most useful to them, all Bridge-the-Gap services are custom tailored to particular needs or specific event goals. Whether in the context of individual coaching, peer group engagement, or retreat leadership Sharon will work with you to design a personalized plan that will assist you and/or your group in moving forward.

About Sharon

Sharon L. Vandegrift, Executive Director of Bridge-the-Gap, has an intimate understanding of issues that are particular to those in professional ministry. Having served for over 25 years in a variety of settings including campus ministry, pastor of small congregations, and senior pastor and head of staff of larger congregations, Sharon has a special affinity for the uniqueness of church work. This makes her an extremely effective coach for clergy who are just starting out on the  journey, as well as for the seasoned pastor who wants to move forward.